Top 4 Reliable Food Delivery Apps for the Rainy Nights Ahead


The best condominiums in Davao City are absolutely the best because it is right smack in the middle of the urbanized city which brings the best world-class amenities and activities. Davao has been host to a lot of development in the past years and it has been one of the premiere urbanized cities in the countries with investment from multinational companies. Davao is a great place to live and work in because it is just minutes away from prime world class tourist destinations. The best condominiums in Davao City are truly at a crossroads between natural scenic wonders and urbanized city development.

If you are a person with great taste make the best condominium in Davao City your new home. Although condominium property in Davao City is already in the middle of the best restaurants in town there is still the added modern convenience of ordering your food via an app. After all, during the coming rainy night, it may just be the best choice to cuddle inside to comfort of your condo while waiting for the delivery guy to ring the bell bringing the best tasting food Davao City has to offer. For such chilly nights, you may have to rely on these four proven apps to get your food fast.

Rustic Kitchen – Food Panda
You can get hefty American food via Rustic Kitchen’s Food Panda App. Everything is gloriously flavorful with scrumptious and beefy loaded burgers that are a notch up from the ordinary you purchase from fast foods. Burgers are not the only delight in Rustic Kitchen since you also have flavorful kinds of pasta such as seafood marinara and an amazing concoction called Sisig Carbonara. Everything is heavenly and prepare for the extra calories. If you want something light and healthy Rustic Kitchen delivers with its crunchy salads like Chef’s Garden Salad, Shrimp and Mango Salad, and Chicken Caesar Salad.

Lyndon’s World’s Worst Ribs and Awful Chicken
Lyndon’s World’s Worst Ribs and Awful Chicken is certainly self-deprecating but it is already a landmark food stall in Davao and it is far from its namesake. In fact, you will salivate for Lyndon’s concoctions and you would want a second or even a third helping. It is also good to know that Lyndon’s World’s Worst Ribs and Awful Chicken makes deliveries so you should be able to get your Lyndon’s right on your best condominiums in Davao doorstep. Some of the items you can order off at Lyndon’s are the baby back ribs and the chicken.

Yellow Cab Pizza
Yellow Cab Pizza is big in Manila and it is certainly a good thing that they have a presence in good ol’ Davao City. Davaoenos can have the flavors of Yellow Cab right on their doorstep. Yellow Cab is definitely a filling meal when it’s rainy and when you want snacks fast. There is a wide array of choices in Yellow Cab that has had great reviews from customers all over the country. Yellow cab is definitely a reliable and world-class food delivery service.

Mia Figlia Pasta – Foodpanda
Mia Figlia Pasta is another food service delivery in Davao which you can access via the Foodpanda app. Mia Figlia Pasta like Rustic Kitchen is homegrown Davao and features Italian, French, and European cuisines. Pizza is available and there is a vegetarian-friendly menu.

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