Celebrate Your City Festivals at Euro Towers


Davao City is at the epicenter of urban sophistication and exotic paradise views but as everyone knows it also has festivals worth visiting. The best gift you can give yourself is the gift of travel and a trip to Davao during any of these festivals is sure to be a memorable event that will be remembered for a long time. Renting a condo in best condominium in Davao City allows you to see these magnificent festivals first hand and experience the hospitality and fun-loving nature of Davao citizens. The best condominium in Davao City is right in the middle of all celebrations and street parties that are sure to occur in Davao’s premiere and world-class festivals. Visit Davao during festival season and rent best condominiums in Davao Cityand get cheapest rates compared to a hotel and get the benefits of a home away from home as you immerse yourself in everything Davao Region has to offer.

Kadayawan Festival
Kadayawan Festival is celebrated on August so make sure to make time for it during this month. Renting a condominium property in Davao City allows you to enjoy this festival in full since you will get cheaper rates while enjoying full amenities. Kadayawan focuses on an indigenous group that has lived in Davao since centuries back and Kadayawan is an interesting event that captures the culture of this sector. This indigenous group of Mindanao has experienced events both good and bad and it is showcased in this festival. The two parts of Kadayawan Festival are the Lumadnong Kasaulogan and the Subay sa Lumadnong Kagikan. The indigenous group’s culture and arts are on display in the first part of the Kadayawan Festival. Part of their culture is the colorful hand-woven costumes that they wear every day and the members spend a lot of time making them. Dances of the indigenous group are also showcased in the Kadayawan and some of their handmade crafts can be bought during this Davao festival.

Araw ng Dabao Oryental
Condo for sale in Davao city lets you witness another great festival in Davao called the Araw ng Dabao Oryental. The entire Davao region celebrates this festival with pomp and grandeur. Here, you will be at the epicenter of Davao street party with the parades on the streets of Davao that will surely catch your attention and the rhythmic beat of the drums and the rhythmic dances of dancers in colorful costumes. The festival highlights the products of Davao where they are sold at discounted rates. Some of the highlights of this festival are beauty contests and the music fest. At the end of the festivity, there is usually a firework display at nighttime.

Pasko Fiesta
Christmas is worth celebrating in Davao with their Pasko Fiesta. During the Holiday Season, every barangay and every city is required to participate in the Colorful lighting and decorating event to beautify every nook and cranny of Davao during the Christmas event. There will be numerous events parties, and competitive performances during the season to keep up the festive air that is a feature of the Christmas season.

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