Building an Indoor Garden for Your Condo


Best condominiums in Davao City have the best amenities. Not only are you at the center of an urbanized city you are also at the center of a lush region that takes you minutes away to all the picturesque places and tourist spots the province has to offer. Truly enough living in Davao is living in a spot that is near the center of paradise. Best condominiums in Davao City can take your experience up a notch when you decorate smartly and add some fresh foliage to the indoor scenery of your condo. There are a lot of beautiful plants and exotic flowers to be purchased in Davao making the project of building an indoor garden in the best condominiums in Davao City that much of a pleasure.

Container Gardening
Spaces are limited in condos but that shouldn’t limit your imagination. There are many ways to get around a limited space and build the indoor garden of your dreams. One way to embark on clever indoor gardening in your condo is through container gardening. In this method, you can use anywhere from pots to plastic containers in building your dream inner foliage. Of course, you have to choose plants that are amenable to indoor spaces and that does the double duty of adding freshness and cleaning up your air. The best condominium in Davao has just the right space and ventilation to help you keep a thriving indoor garden in your condo so your space will always be fresh and clean smelling.

Terrariums are spectacular to look at. You should be able to manage the lighting of your terrarium so your plants don’t get too much or too little lighting. Make sure the plants are at the center and the pebbles and the rocks are just around it to maximize the attention on the plants.

If your condo has a balcony having a trellis is a good option. A condo for sale in Davao City has balcony options o you can enjoy great scenes and added ventilation. Adding a trellis to your balcony will increase incoming fresh hair and purify toxins and pollutions from the urbanized location. A good choice is pothos because of its air-purifying properties and relatively easy maintenance.

One quick way to add some exotic appeal and greenery to your space is bonsai. Bonsai are small plants that mimic larger plants in small spaces. They have been specially cultivated to thrive and exist in small containers. The winding beauty of the branches and leaves are truly exotic and can be a conversation piece in any home. The Ficus Bonsai is good for warmer environments so they can thrive indoors. This type of plant requires a high amount of sunlight but can thrive under or over watering.

Cacti have a special aesthetic that makes them great indoor plants. Try not to put them in direct sunlight because they may change color. Allot longer intervals of watering during cooler months.

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