Building a Smart Closet for Your Condo


If you love fashion and you are living in a condo with tight closet space you may have to wipe off the frown off your face. Fashion and condos go well together as much as peanut butter and jelly. All you need is a smart way to maximize your space in the best condominiums in Quezon City. Living in a condo in the middle of the metropolis has got to be one of the trendiest lifestyles you can have and best condominium in Quezon City brings you to the best the world has to offer. If you find that you don’t have enough closet space in your best condominiums in Quezon City, don’t give up, do some soul searching and you will find space for all the accessories and odds and ends that help you strut your stuff.

It may sound like a nightmare if you have absolutely convinced yourself that you need every accessory in your closet. However, this is the first wise move you should do because no one wants to hang on to clothes they barely wear at all or don’t fit anymore. Besides if you are truly fashionable don’t hang on to styles from season’s past. Upgrade your look and get a swanky closet that definitely exhibits your fresh style.

Space underneath your bed
If your closet is filled up or if you want alternative storage, you can use the storage under your bed. Best condominiums in QC have enough spaces for you to have a closet and bed. There are beds available with premade storage under them while there are beds made with a wireframe that make storing underneath them absolutely easy. Some of the things you can store under your bed are shoes but if your bed is the type with special shelves you can store pants, dresses, and sweaters.

Remember the floor space of your closet
When grouping clothes together in your closet you have to remember the floor space. Ideally, you should push long clothes all the way to one end such long dresses, coats, and trench coats. Condo for sale in QC has enough space to put in all your important items. This will leave you with a lot of floor space once you start hanging tops together. The floor space can be used to store shoes boots or bins that hold your accessories. You can put an extra shoe rack so you can have access to your most worn daily shoes.

Add some lighting
When you are rushing off in the morning you really don’t want to be playing detective in front of your closet trying to figure out where you’ve put your favorite pants and favorite top for the day. Closets can be dark places and since you don’t have night vision it pays to know where they are exactly by adding some lighting inside your closet. This cuts the time you need to prepare for the day and gives you less stress and more time for morning relaxation such as devouring a hefty breakfast.

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